Application Update 2-27-2008

Slide-Lok Design Center Update

2-27-08 - Version 3.5.0

New Features and Updates

NEW PRODUCTS - The Slide-Lok Racing Garage Series

The Slide-Lok racing garage series has been added to the product library. To add a racing garage package, choose "Slide-Lok Racing Garage" from your product library, and click one of the 5 packages from the list. Next choose a Driver graphic package and click the "add package" button. This will add a Racing Garage package to your wall complete with driver graphic package imagery.

Racing Garage packages are priced as a single unit. To adjust pricing for your Racing Garage packages, you can edit the price in your Price List editor.

NEW FEATURE - Pre-Configured Systems

Design Center now gives you the ability to create commonly configured cabinet combinations and save them for later use in your designs. Your product library now includes a new "Pre-Configured Systems" category. This category will display a list of saved pre-configured systems. To add one to your project, simply click on an item within one of the lists.

Clicking on the item will add the system to your design and allows you to re-position the cabinet system as a single unit. This update includes a handful of systems to get you started.

Ungrouping (Explode) a Pre-configured system
Once you have added a pre-configured system to your design, you can ungroup or "explode" the design so that they are no longer treated as a single item. To do this, simply hover your mouse over the system and click the blue double arrow in the upper left corner.

NEW FEATURE – Build Your Own Pre-Configured Systems

To build your own pre-configured cabinet configurations, click the "Build a Pre-Configured Design" located in the lower left corner of the "Setup Your Walls" screen. This will open a build Screen with a single wall where you can build your design.

  1. Click "Build a Pre-Configured"
  2. Build a Cabinet Design
  3. Click the "Save" Button
  4. In the pop-up fill out the form and click save
  5. Choose a folder within the "pre-configured" folder in the next pop-up window and click OK
  6. In your Product Library, choose "Pre-Configured Systems" to view the newly added design.

Quick Tip:

Name - The name you give your items should be unique, otherwise you may overwrite an existing preconfigured system already saved.

Description - Try and keep it short, the description will display on your price list when you print your designs.

Choosing a Cost Calculation Method - When you save a preconfigured design, you can choose to have Design Center set a fixed price for the unit, or re-calculate the price each time the preconfigured design is added to your project based on the currently loaded price list.

Allow Explode - This specifies whether or not the pre-configured set of cabinets can be ungrouped (exploded) once it has been added to your project. Clearing the check box will have the effect of "locking" the preconfigured and will prevent the group of items form being ungrouped.

Saving - Once you're satisfied with your design, click the save button. A folder view pop-up window will open automatically set to the "preconfigured" sub folder of the Design Center Application main folder. All preconfigured design MUST be saved to this folder for Design Center to be able to access the designs. You can organize your designs by creating subfolders within the main "preconfigured" folder and saving your preconfigured to those folders.

Software Downloads & Installations

The latest version of the Design Center 3.0.1 installer includes the most recent module updates listed above.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

- The Wall builder module no longer stops displaying the wall names after Wall J (10 walls).

- The tabs for each wall across the top now re-position themselves to fit within the screen width preventing the issue of wall tabs falling off the end of the screen

- The "Project Summary" in the Quote Sheet, now reports the correct number of Optional and Standard Accessories

- The "Materials list" now creates a more accurate list of cabinets and Optional accessories used in a given project.

After Updating:
Once the update is complete, the modules will be updated to the latest versions as shown to the right. Below is a brief outline of some of the updates.

Known Bugs and Issues

Issue: Unable to add certain accessories to cabinet in a project that was saved with a product module prior to version 1.7.0

Resolution: After opening the file, update the cabinets before adding new accessories. To do this, hover your mouse over the cabinet, click the "Double Blue arrows" that appear in the upper left corner of the cabinet – click 'update cabinet" on the pop-up menu.

Issue: Increasing the height of a wall after the project has already been setup results in the top of the wall getting cut off when printing.

Resolution: You can work around this issue by saving your project and then re-opening. This will reset the wall view to accommodate the taller walls.

Module Updates

If you have already installed the SLIDE-LOK Design Center, please run this Module Updater to install the updated application modules.

OS Date Options

Major Design Center Update


You must have a previous version of Design Center installed before running this update. If you do not have Design Center installed on your computer, you may run the full installation by clicking HERE

PC 2/27/2008

Install Update

2.09 MB

Modules Included: Version Date
Core Module 2.0.0 2-08 included
Configuration Module 1.7.0 2-08 included
Estimating Module 1.5.0 2-08 included
Wall Builder Module 1.2.5 2-08 included
Product Library 2.0.0 2-08 included

Contact Local Dealer

Find a Slide-Lok Garage Floor & Cabinet dealer in your area.

Call: 1-800-835-1759
E-mail: Click to e-mail.

Contact Local Dealer

Find a Slide-Lok Garage Floor & Cabinet dealer in your area.

Call: 1-800-835-1759
E-mail: Click to e-mail.