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Welcome to the garage makeover blog by Slide-Lok Garage Interiors! The garage is the last frontier in home improvement. Often one of the last places homeowners think to look when improving their homes and we're here to help. Garages take up a lot of space and could be considered the largest or second largest space in your home -- don't you think it's time you started living and fully utilizing all of your space!? For garage related content, diy and how to articles stay tuned for weekly blog posts on the greatest unused space in the home - the garage. The majority of the posts will be before and after photos of recently completed garage renovations across the US and Canada. Come back weekly to see all kinds of different garage makeovers!

  • 2019 Garage Makeover Blog Posts

    Fort Lauderdale Garage Flooring and Storage - Slide-Lok

    Garage Makeovers Shine Bright In The Sunshine State

    Posted: 3/14/2019

    Garage flooring

    Fort Lauderdale is best known for its sunny beaches and boating canals. With near perfect weather year round it allows our SE Florida team to complete garage makeovers even when the rest of the country is still recovering from winter. Check out of some the amazing garage makeovers that happened this winter in Ft Lauderdale ...


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    Best Garage Interiors - Phoenix, Arizona Edition

    Posted: 2/28/2019

    Best Garage Interiors

    Some of the Best Garage Interior Remodels of the last 6 months are coming out of Phoenix, Arizona. Garage floors, garage cabinets, driveways, patios, concrete overlays and more have been installed all over Arizona from Cave Creek to Queen Creek! See these AMAZING garage interior photos ...


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    Best Garage Makeovers - South Carolina Edition

    Posted: 2/18/2019

    Best Garage Makeovers

    Some of the BEST Garage Makeover Photos of the last 6 months are coming out of the Carolinas. Garage floors, garage storage cabinets, driveways, patios and more have been installed all over South Carolina from North Myrtle Beach to Kiawah Island and even Hartsville! See these AMAZING home improvement photos ...


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    Best Floor Coatings for Auto Mechanic Shops - Commercial Flooring

    Posted: 1/31/2019

    Best Commercial Floor Coatings

    Commercial flooring jobs keep our guys in Delaware pretty busy! We receive many phone calls about the best coating for auto mechanic shops. Learn what coatings we recommend and see our latest commercial floor install ...


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    Garage Floor Coating Install in Anderson, Indiana

    Posted: 1/17/2019

    Garage Floor Coatings Anderson Indiana

    This garage in Anderson, Indiana, had an old epoxy coating on it that was starting to look pretty bad. It was peeling up and completely gone in some places. We removed the old epoxy concrete coating and installed a brand new polyaspartic one ...


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