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  • Experts In Garage Makeovers Since 1977!

    We Are Experts In Garage Makeovers

    Slide-Lok is the original expert in garage makeovers and the oldest garage interiors brand in North America since 1977! From the garage floor to the walls, to endless storage options and accessories. Slide-Lok transforms any cluttered garage into a functional, organized and attractive room. Let Slide-Lok open your garage door to a whole new room of possibilities.

    What's Included in a Slide-Lok Garage Makeover?

    Every garage makeover starts with a free in home design consultation. One of our expert garage designers will meet with you to determine the best combination of flooring, garage cabinets and accessories for your needs, space and budget. Once a design is approved our expert garage installers create an exciting new space in as little as one day. In other words, you can order today and install tomorrow!

    Installing Slide-Lok Garage Flooring

    First we focus on the floor since it's much easier to install a floor before rather than after new cabinets have been installed. Slide-Lok garage floors are installed in ONE DAY! Thanks to our fast curing formulas you can usually drive on the floor the very next day. We prepare the garage floor surface with specialized vacuum assisted concrete grinding equipment and fill the cracks and control joints for a seamless finish. Then we apply a four layer coating system. This cutting edge technology gives our floors 4 times the abrasion resistance compared to standard epoxy or stone flooring. This garage floor coating system also delivers excellent color and gloss retention, impact, abrasion and UV resistance. Slip resistant additives are combined with the final clear topcoat of your Slide-Lok garage floor. Decorative chips are also available in a variety of standard colors as well as custom color blends to meet the preferences of most customers. Our garage floors are also non porous so dirt, oil, gas and more don't penetrate. To clean your Slide-Lok garage floor coating simply hose down and squeegee.

    Installing Slide-Lok Garage Cabinets

    Now that your new garage floor is installed we can focus on installing our patented dovetail modular storage cabinets. Slide-Lok's stackable modular storage cabinets allows you to easily design the perfect storage solution for your space and budget. Cabinets can be mixed, matched and stacked in any custom configuration you can imagine to fit any wall, any preference. Slide-Lok storage cabinets aren't just good looking, they're also hard wearing. Slide-Lok is the only garage cabinet maker who uses plywood instead of particle board. Every piece of plywood is covered with a thermofused coating to better stand up to climate change and moisture commonly found in a garage. Installation is easy and cabinets are durable with Slide-Lok's patented dovetail system. All components slide together without force or effort and lock into place, just like our name Slide-Lok. Our cabinets are so well constructed they can hold up to 250 pounds per shelf! We also use concealed six way hinges for a clean modern look. Every cabinet has fully adjustable legs for easy levelling. This raised design provides added protection against water damage, insects and rodents and makes your garage easy to clean.

    Installing Slide-Lok Slatwall and Accessories

    Finally, add the finishing touches to your new room with additional slatwall storage and accessories. Slatwall is the perfect addition to your garage and can be placed above a workbench or on an entire wall helping you organize tools, bikes and more on a variety of hooks and baskets while keeping them handy. No worries about size and weight with our slatwall, it can hold up to 125 pounds per strip! Not only that, but our slatwall is custom extruded solid PVC and is available in wood grain finishes that complement your Slide-Lok cabinets. This waterproof slatwall resists staining and will stay fresh and new looking for years with just an occasional cleaning.

    Custom Designs & Quality Materials at Affordable Prices

    Custom designs and quality materials at an affordable price. A clean modern look and more! With Slide-Lok you can close the door on clutter so you can open your garage and enjoy a functional, organized and attractive room.

Experts In Garage Interiors Since 1977!

Solid Products, Great Prices, and Timely Technical Support from real university trained chemists. Slide-Lok was one of the first outfits to offer polyaspartic coatings to the residential garage flooring market. Our leading polyaspartic coatings have been in use on garage floors for nearly two decades, our competitors can't make that claim. We also manufacture and sell epoxy coatings that are great for indoor floors.

We have authorized Slide-Lok garage flooring dealers all over the US and Canada that can transform your boring and dull garage into your dream garage. Every garage tells a different story, let us help tell yours.

So what are you waiting for, get your FREE ESTIMATE today: Contact Slide-Lok Garage Interiors.

Become a Slide-Lok Floor Coating & Cabinet Dealer

Expand your contracting business, there are more opportunities when you carry Slide-Lok Garage Interior products. Slide-Lok is your one stop shop for garage flooring and storage solutions since 1977. Inquire today and discover the benefits of Slide-Lok Garage Interiors.

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Contact Local Dealer

Find a Slide-Lok Garage Floor & Cabinet dealer in your area.

Call: 1-800-835-1759
E-mail: Click to e-mail.