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20 Year Old Colorado Springs Garage Floor Restoration


Polyaspartic Coating

Garage Floor Restoration in Colorado Springs, CO.

Our popular garage floor coatings are used all over the world! From the Arizona desert, the Sunshine State of Florida, The Last Frontier that is Alaska, The Great White North of Canada, provinces of China, and this week a garage floor in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Polyaspartics are a superior garage floor coating because they are extremely durable and allow for completion of floors in just one day. For superior performance, excellent abrasion resistance, excellent chemical resistance, UV resistance, and more look to use a polyaspartic coating system on your next floor.

"This was a 20 year old garage that the owner wanted to make look nice and help restore some damage and wear. We ended up repairing damaged concrete around the drains, repairing and patching other areas of the concrete garage floor, and gave attention to details on the smaller things. We hand grind corners, edges, hand sanded the stairs, all of these things ensure a quality install and that the floor will last. We love Slide-Lok's polyaspartic garage floor system because it is 4 times more durable than standard epoxy systems. Fast curing, fast return to service, UV stable, and impact and abrasion resistant. On top of this Slide-Lok is perhaps the only company that offers a Manufacturer Limited Lifetime Warranty."Steve Allen, Slide-Lok of Colorado Springs

Colorado Garage Floor Install Notes

Here are notes from the Colorado Springs flooring contractor Steve Allen on this project:

  • Garage floor was 20 years old, owner wanted the floor restored to look nice without any damage.
  • Drains in a garage are not standard, but we will repair damage.
  • Repair damaged and patch concrete.
  • Prepare the garage floor by grinding and not acid wash for a better quality finished product.
  • Hand work and attention to detail grinding corners, edges, and wood steps.
  • We use a two component Polyaspartic coating in three layers that is very durable, light stable and highly resistant to UV exposure.
  • We hand fill expansion joins, stem wall, and steps.
  • We supply a standard flake coating or customize to your specifications.
  • Polyaspartic Flooring Systems are 4 times more durable than standard epoxy systems.
  • Fast Curing, Fast Return to Service, UV Stable, Impact and abrasion resistance.
  • Backed by Manufacture Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Garage Floors can be installed in as little as one day
  • Superior Color and Gloss Retention
  • Drive back on after 24 hours
  • Great Chemical Resistance

Garage Floor Restoration Photos - Colorado Springs, CO

  • Concrete Garage Floor
  • Damaged Concrete Drain
  • Old Garage Floor
  • Concrete Grinding
  • Floor grinding
  • Hand Grinder
  • Wood Steps Sanding
  • Concrete Prep
  • Garage Floor Drain
  • Concrete Primer
  • Decorative Concrete
  • Garage Step Coating
  • Colorado Garage Floor Coating
  • Colorado Springs Flooring Contractor
  • Colorado Floor Coatings
  • Concrete Floor Coatings

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About the author

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