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Custom Epoxy Garage Floor Coating in Mesa, Arizona

Custom chip blends, colors, and sizes to create the Perfect Custom Garage Floor Coating.


two tone epoxy garage floor coating

Custom Two Tone Chip Floor With Red Racing Stripes

The contractors that use our products create truly one of a kind, beautiful looking floors. This 1200+ square foot residential 6-car garage floor in Mesa, Arizona, is no exception. This job was uniquely different because it features two different custom chip blends and a solid red racing stripe outline. Anthony with First Due Concrete completed this floor using our 100% solids cycloaliphatic epoxy coating. Here's what Anthony with First Due Concrete in Gilbert had to say:

"At just over 1200 sq. ft. this 6-car garage took us 4 days to complete due to the intricacies of using two different chip blends and getting a solid, smooth, red stripe. We did a full prep grind, partially filled joints (customer wanted to keep since it was a new build construction), and rocked out with the epoxy. We started with the stripes, measured them twice and did 3 coats of the 100% solids epoxy with red pigment. The next day we covered the red lines and epoxied the garage floor and chipped into that. Finally we scraped the chips, applied an acrylic sealer over the chips and then top coated with polyurethane."

Anthony, First Due Concrete

Custom Sets You Apart From The Rest

Doing custom work like this can set your business apart from the competition. Getting the custom chip blends right was important for Anthony and his customer. Slide-Lok worked with Anthony to get the perfect custom chip blend and colors just right for this floor. Part of the work we do is for that gratification of doing a great job and the smiles on the homeowners faces at the end of the day. No doubt the homeowner was ecstatic when Anthony's team finished, and now they probably have the best looking garage floor in the entire Rosewood Estates development in Mesa. At the very least, they'll have the most custom, unique looking floor!

Slide-Lok is different than other flooring manufacturers and suppliers because we are a true one stop shop, we carry everything you might need in house from epoxy, polyaspartic, chip brushes, roller caps, gloves, and more. PLUS, we will work with you to create custom chip blends, custom color pigments, custom formulated coatings, etc... This job in particular required two custom chip blends to meet the customers exact specifications.

"Slide-Lok brand products have been in use since 1977. And for nearly two decades we've been manufacturing and supplying floor coatings for application all over the world from the US to Canada and even China. Yes, you read that correctly—Made In America products exported for use in China! When you are tired of your other suppliers spending more time at the top of a ladder banging their fists on their chest and yelling about how great they are, while being short on technical support, consider switching to us. Slide-Lok has nearly two decades of experience selling chemistry that works and having in-house chemists with real technical backgrounds."

Brian Strayer, President, Slide-Lok

Discover why we've been around since 1977

Solid Products, Great Prices, and Timely Technical Support from real university trained chemists. Slide-Lok was one of the first outfits to offer polyaspartic coatings to the residential garage flooring market. Our leading polyaspartic coatings have been in use on garage floors for nearly two decades, our competitors can't make that claim. We also manufacture and sell epoxy coatings that are great for indoor floors.

We have authorized Slide-Lok garage flooring dealers all over the US and Canada that can transform your boring and dull garage into your dream garage. Every garage tells a different story, let us help tell yours.

So what are you waiting for, get your FREE ESTIMATE today: Contact Slide-Lok Garage Interiors.

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About The Author

About the author

Samuel Strayer is a trained chemist with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from Arizona State University with an emphasis on material and polymer science. Samuel has been involved in developing and testing coating systems for over 10 years.

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