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Floor Coating Chip Sealer - Less Expensive Top Coats

Achieve smoother top coats on full broadcast chip and flake floor coatings. Use Acrylic Coating 230 W to seal the chip layer, allowing for less expensive and smoother top coats with polyaspartic.


Polymer flooring chip seal

How To Get Smoother Top Coats And Save Money On Your Floor Coatings

Slide-Lok's revolutionary 1-day polyaspartic garage floor coating system debuted in the early 2000s as a 3-coat system. This 1-day polyaspartic 3-coat garage floor system included a primer or base coat, a chip coat and a top coat. In high traffic locations such as restaurants, offices, commercial and industrial settings it is common to specify additional top coats to extend the life of the coating. However, residential garage floor coating applications don't typically require additional top coats unless the customer requests it. We even know of several coatings applicators that prefer to install 2 top coats as their way of offering a smoother, more durable and longer lasting floor compared to competitors in their local markets, helping them win the bid.

Applying 2 top coats of polyaspartic adds considerable cost to any garage floor coating operation. We developed Acrylic Coating 230 W, a self-crosslinking acrylic emulsion, designed to fill in and even out the high and low points in a full broadcast flake floor to produce a smoother top coat. After scraping and recovering the excess chips and flakes as you normally do on a floor job, you can seal the chips and flakes with Acrylic Coating 230 W to help produce a much smoother overall finish when being top coated with polyaspartic. When your customer wants a very smooth top coat, 230 W will enable you to meet this need without requiring a 2nd, more expensive, top coat of polyaspartic.

Acrylic Coating 230 W is designed to be coated over by our Polyaspartic 485S, our 85% solids polyaspartic resin which has been on the market for more than 15 years. You may also top coat over 230 W with a solventborne polyurethane.

Polyaspartic Polyurea resins have proven to be a great coating for decorative concrete applications, and especially the garage floor. As compared with traditional epoxies, polyaspartics like to be applied in thinner coats. If a customer has a full broadcast flake floor and wants a surface with a little traction, then a one coat top coat of polyaspartic tends to produce an ideal result. However, if the customer wants a very smooth, and even easier to clean floor, applicators often apply a second top coat with polyaspartic. This can add extra cost in finishing the floor. Acrylic Coiating 230 W is a much lower cost alternative that helps you reduce your materials expense in yielding a very smooth top coat finish for your customers.

Developed and tested over several years, by our in-house university trained chemical staff, Acrylic Coating 230 W is now ready for your use.

Garage Floor Coating Application Instructions

  • Step 1 - Flooring Prep (Concrete Grinding)
  • Step 2 - Fill Cracks and Grind Smooth
  • Step 3 - Vacuum and Sweep Up Concrete Dust
  • Step 4 - Apply Floor Coating Primer
  • Step 5 - Apply Floor Coating Base with Chips and Flakes
  • Step 6 - Scrape and Recover Flooring Chips and Flakes
  • Step 7 - Seal Chip and Flake Layer
  • Step 8 - Top Coat with Polyaspartic

That is the basic order in which a garage floor coating is applied. Of course there are other considerations which you will have to take depending on your local conditions and materials. If you're using epoxy there is of course longer time requirements between coating and scraping chips, typically waiting overnight to scrape the chips. Then, of course waiting 1-2 hours after applying Acrylic Coating 230 W for it to dry before top coating. Depending on temperature and humidity Acrylic Coating 230 W could dry as fast as 45 minutes in the summertime in Phoenix, Arizona, or 3-4 hours in the winter in humid Tampa, Florida. Contact Slide-Lok for technical data sheets and recommended application instructions depending on your floor coating materials and your local conditions.

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