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Inventory Stocking Levels & Lead Times

Supply chains are being interrupted in every industry. Here's how we are adapting to better serve you. Adjusting our inventory & lead times of our flooring chips and flakes


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Global Supply Chain Interruptions In Every Industry

You have likely started to see the interruptions in your local supply chains. Grocery store shortages, limits on cleaning supplies, paper products, and even meat products! The full impact from COVID-19 is still unknown. Here are some changes we are making to our product inventory and lead times to better serve our customers.

Inventory Stocking Levels & Lead Times

In order to address the changing supply chains in our industry we are increasing certain inventories and extending lead times on certain custom products.

Standard 1/4" Chip / Flake Blends are available for Immediate Shipment. Over the last several weeks, we have increased our stocking levels for the 16 blends of chips that we maintain in inventory, with additional supply coming in weekly. We are well positioned and should have plenty of our 55 pound boxes of our standard chip blends on hand to serve your needs. Orders for standard blends typically ship out the day the order is confirmed. We do not anticipate any change to our long standing practice of  “immediate” service fulfillment lead time for standard blend chips.

Custom Color Chip / Flake Blends now have a lead time of 3 weeks (updated 12/22/2020). We normally turn around custom chip / flake orders in 3 to 5 business days. At the moment, please plan on a lead time of 3 weeks for custom blends. We’re not sure exactly what is going on, but it seems like something has changed in the industry, as we’re seeing a significant influx of new customers wanting custom colors and blends. And yes, we can match Torginol blends.

Resins are available for Immediate Shipment. We maintain stock of finished and ready to ship Polyaspartic (85% solids), Epoxy 100 (solvent borne), Epoxy 150 (water based MVT barrier/primer), Epoxy 250 (water based chip-able resin), Acrylic (water and solvent), and polyurethane Crack Repair. We also keep sufficient raw materials on hand to continue production of all these products and do not see any disruptions to our supply chain for these.

Sundries are available for Immediate Shipment. We maintain stock of roller covers, end-caps, cut-in brushes, gloves, and solvents.

Water and Solvent borne Pigments are available for Immediate Shipment. We have plenty of solvent and water borne pigments on hand in our standard stocking colors and we anticipate no changes here.

Custom Color Pigments have a lead time of 3 to 5 business days. Our turn-around time for custom color pigments has not changed, with most orders being filled and shipped within 3 to 5 business days once we have the Sherwin-Williams or Dunn Edwards color number to match.

We’re here. We’re open. And we’re ready and able to fill your orders. Just please note the new lead times on custom color chip orders.

Best Regards,
Your friends at Slide-Lok: Brian, Matt and Samuel.
Slide-Lok. Quietly and reliably fulfilling orders, since 1977.

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2020 Chips & Flakes Brochure

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