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4 Home Improvement and Organizational Tips to Elevate Your Home

Home improvement tips and tricks to create the organized home of your dreams.


Home Improvement

Whether you are the entertainment center of your neighborhood or just appreciate a home in order, the appearance of your home will have an impact on your own mentality towards it. Coming home to a full garage or a disorganized backyard is never what we want, and disorganization often comes from things not having a designated spot on the shelf. Thankfully, there’s plenty of tips and tricks out there for how to create the organized home of your dreams, and we’re even going to share a few of those ideas with you below.

1. Elevate and Declutter Floor Spaces In Your Home

Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

Elevating your home and keeping it clean and organized might seem like a difficult task at the outset. We recommend starting from the ground up by elevating the floor spaces in your home first. Doing this first forces you to remove your clutter and rethink your storage spaces. Plus, it really is a no brainer, considering floor surfaces are one of the first things we notice when entering a new space. You will notice a big difference when walking through a clean and organized room, especially one with a seamless floor coating that brings the whole room together. Floor coatings have traditionally been used in garages, workshops and patios, but are more often finding use within the home as well such as in kitchens and bathrooms.

Having a good looking floor that is easy to clean and maintain can also help you keep organized. It's easier to spot when items are out of place atop a vibrant floor coating, especially in a garage or workshop area. Floor coatings are especially useful to mechanics and hobbyists working on their cars or projects, finding bolts and misplaced tools is much easier compared to looking for items that blend in with traditionally dull concrete. Slide-Lok floor coatings are excellent for this because they are seamless, durable, easy to clean, chemical resistance, waterproof, and come in an endless variation of colors and blends.

2. Transform Your Garage Into A More Useful Space

Organization can be particularly difficult for those with an active lifestyle, or those working on their home themselves. Lots of tools and accessories tend to take up all available free space on shelves and cabinets, so a specifically designed organizational unit can make a world of difference in terms of cleanliness and efficiency. Choosing a garage storage system that takes this into consideration is just as important as its durability and cost.

Tool Organization

Anyone who has a lot of toys like motorcycles or boats knows that a home garage is a perfect place to store them as well as fix anything that goes wrong. Coating your garage floor is a great way to protect it from spills or wear over time. People who also enjoy working on their own cars know how important a coating can be when a spill inevitably happens. A quality floor can also make a garage a more inviting place to spend time if you need the extra space when hosting a gathering at home.

For even less frequently used items, like seasonal decorations or winter tires, overhead storage is a no-brainer. Preserving floor space without sacrificing convenience is seemingly impossible without a reliable overhead storage organizer. Slide-Lok’s solution is not only durable with a more than adequate load capacity, but is also a simple enough design to not even notice, unless you’re intentionally looking for it.

Protecting and improving your garage doesn’t just stop at the interior. A quality garage door can not only improve how it looks from the outside, but also can save you money if you keep your garage properly heated or cooled, depending on the season. Having a well-maintained garage that can hold up to large parties as well as major projects on cars or staging areas for DIY home improvements is always an attractive and useful feature of any home. If your home doesn’t have a spare room to make into a den or may not be ideal for entertaining large parties, then investing in the garage as a dual purpose space may be something to consider. Making your garage as versatile as possible will always be a safe investment for both your time and money.

3. Make Your Backyard More Convenient And Enjoyable

Backyard Party

More often than not, the garage isn’t the only space that could benefit from some cleanup. Backyards are an entertainment focal point whenever the weather permits. From gardening to casual campfires to parties on the deck, there is always an excuse to spend time outside. No matter what activity brings you outdoors, there will be some tools to bring along with you. Gardening has a litany of small tools that should all stay out of the elements, as does grilling and many party essentials for those with a love for entertaining. Maybe you need to hang these tools up or maybe you even want to store them away. Either way, a combination of Slat-Wall organizers and cabinets are the perfect solutions to install nearby.

A backyard trend that has been growing in popularity is people turning their sheds into a creative space. Of course that means these oftentimes small spaces need to be as organized as possible. Sometimes called She-Sheds, these spaces can become cramped even when adding very few things to the interior, so smart storage solutions are paramount. As with many secondary home spaces, investing in custom storage solutions isn’t in the budget, so finding quality modular storage solutions is at the top of the to-do list. Wall-mounted solutions are often the easiest to install while still keeping important floor space available. Slide-Lok has a few solutions with the space-saving slat-wall systems or you can even tuck away some extra storage space above using overhead storage racks.

Larger projects like these that will improve your property value are often put off because it may be too expensive or you can’t find a way to fund it. If you do your research, you should be able to find an option that works best for you. One result you may find appearing often in your search is a home equity loan. This type of loan is one of the most common ways people afford big home projects. With it, you are able to borrow against the existing equity you’ve already built up within your home. Using money you’ve built up within your home to further increase the value of your home makes good financial sense in the long run.

4. Frequently Organize Spaces Inside The Home

Whether you’ve lived in the same home for decades or just moved in, your home never looks quite as good as it did in the photos or at the open house. If you look at any home staging photo, the first thing you will notice is simplicity and organization. As more and more families downsize and move to smaller homes, things pile up and your home’s overall aesthetic may become even harder to achieve without proper storage inside your home.

Linen closets are a hotbed for disorganization, often because of their construction. Being in the bathroom or along a hallway leads to very deep and narrow spaces that are hard to effectively utilize. If changing up your bathroom is something that you’ve been thinking about, then take advantage of a custom look with a modular closet system. Custom-designed closets and cabinets are very cost-inefficient, especially when they use inferior materials like particleboard and last no longer than the alternatives. A modular system allows you to get a custom look and feel without compromising. This is great for those who want lots of shelves, drawers, or even a combination of shelf towers and hanging sections for dress clothes.

Home Organization Tips

Pantries are another often-overlooked organizational disaster that could use some serious help. With different products all in various sizes, it really is no wonder how it becomes such a mess so quickly. For things that are often grabbed first when snacking or making lunches, baskets are great for keeping them together but out of the bulky boxes, making it easier to organize as well as speeding up the process. Cleaning and organizing your pantry makes your time in the kitchen not only feel more efficient, but you'll also find yourself enjoying your time in the kitchen that musch more.

Enjoy Your Home And Make It Your Escape

Our homes are not just a retreat from the bustle of the daily grind, they also provide ways that we express ourselves. Protecting our canvas both inside and out should be higher on everyone’s list and often begins with simply organizing the things that have no place. Home organization not only lowers stress from home projects, but it also allows you to be creative without being held back by random annoyances. In addition to the personal and health benefits from improving and organizing your home, it is also reassuring to know that you have one of the best homes in your neighborhood because it is yours.

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