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Polyaspartic Floor Coating Installed in West End Trap Clubhouse - Eagan, MN


Polyaspartic concrete coatings The bar and common eating area of the West End Trap Club looks great with a new polyaspartic concrete floor coating!
Polyaspartic Flooring Minnesota The West End Trap Club in Eagan, MN, has a nice new bar area to hang out in. The polyaspartic floor will last for years of abuse in the summer and winter months.
Polyurea Floor Coatings The addition to the West End Clubhouse includes a large common area. Perfect for parties, social events, and more. The polyaspartic floor looks great in here!
Eagan MN Concrete Flooring Another shot of the large common space in the West End Trap Clubhouse in Eagan, MN. The saddle tan chipped polyaspartic floor coating looks great with the wood panel walls.
Polyurea Flooring Polyaspartic concrete coatings are perfect for multi-use spaces like this. Easy to clean flooring that will stand years of abuse through different seasons.

Polyaspartic Flooring Perfect for Multi-Use Spaces

The West End Trap Shooting Club in Eagan, MN, recently underwent renovations for an addition to the clubhouse. The finished clubhouse features a large multi-use space, bar/kitchen area, and over 1600 square feet of new flooring. The large concrete floor in this building needed a protective coating to complete the renovation, that's where our local dealer came in.

Garage Floor Outfitters, an authorized Slide-Lok dealer, installed a 3 coat polyaspartic floor in the Eagan West End Trap Clubhouse. They used a Saddle Tan chip blend and it looks great. Saddle Tan is a classic color blend that matches the wood panel walls in the common area very well. The polyaspartic floor will look great for many years through all the parties, events, and trap shooting meets at the West End Club.

Polyaspartic was a great choice for this floor because it will see frequent foot traffic and different types of climate abuse. Polyaspartic is more abrasion and impact resistant than standard epoxy flooring. As protective floor coatings go, polyaspartic is the best choice. Protective concrete coatings are necessary in a place like Minnesota, where the weather includes snow in the winters and muddy boot prints the following spring! This floor coating has excellent chemical resistance to substances like water, solvents, oils, salts, etc... Polyaspartic has excellent chemical resistance but should be cleaned immediately, don't let these kinds of nasty substances sit on the floor for prolonged periods of time. Not only that, but polyaspartic is also a seamless floor coating, making cleanup very easy since any spilled liquids will not soak into the floor.

As you can see, the newly renovated West End Trap Shooting Clubhouse looks like a great place to hangout! The flooring completes the entire building. It looks great, is easy to clean, and will stand up to years of abuse. Protective and decorative concrete coatings are great for all kinds of applications including: offices, shops, restaurants, kitchens, bars, warehouses, garages, and more.

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