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Garage Cabinets Installed in Wyoming, Michigan


Garage Storage Cabinet Organization Cluttered and Messy Wyoming, MI, Garage. There's even more miscellaneous stuff stacked in the left garage parking space. This 2 car garage could only fit 1 car inside!
Garage Cleaning and Organization This garage is already looking better! All of the clutter was moved out of the way to make room for new garage cabinets.
Wyoming Michigan Garage Cabinets 11 Garage Cabinets installed in under 3 hours! You wouldn't believe how much storage space these cabinets have. Freeing up the garage floor so 2 cars can park again!
Garage Cabinets Wyoming Michigan These 11 garage cabinets, slat-wall, and workbench countertop system all combine to create the perfect garage. Modular storage cabinets are nice because you can build in room for a fridge!

3 Hour Garage Transformation

This garage is located in a small southeast suburb of Wyoming, Michigan. The homeowners gave our West Michigan Slide-Lok dealer a call when they needed help organizing their garage. They had started to collect and pile all sorts of miscellaneous things in their garage and were quickly running out of space. They needed more room to store their things and wanted to fit both of their vehicles in the garage again. The solution? A more efficient garage storage system, perfect for organizing everything from golf clubs to gardening tools.

The homeowners had a fridge in the garage they wanted to keep and requested a custom garage cabinet system be built around it. Slide-Lok garage cabinets are modular, they can be mixed and matched to create any custom garage storage configuration you need. The dealer worked with the homeowner to design an 11 garage cabinet system with a countertop workbench and slat-wall storage. This combination of storage organizers is perfect for any garage and will help you stay organized.

A day was selected about a week later for installation. All of the clutter was removed except for the fridge (see picture 2 above) and the cabinet installers began their work. In just 3 hrs 11 garage cabinets, slat-wall storage and a countertop was installed in this Wyoming, MI, garage. Now the homeowners had all the storage room and organizing space they needed to clean up the garage. Finally, the homeowners rejoiced when there was plenty of room to fit both of their cars in the garage again!

Stories like this occur everyday all over the US & Canada thanks to Slide-Lok Garage Interiors. Are you ready to reclaim your garage? We're here to help.

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