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Garage Floor Coating Installed in Anderson, Indiana


Grinding Shotblasting Concrete In order to remove the old epoxy coating and get to a nice clean surface for coating you have to grind the floor. Grinding or Shot blasting a floor is among the best prep methods available.
Peeling epoxy coating This is before we took the diamond grinder to the concrete. Look at how nasty that looks! The rusted circular piece is an old solid metal stud in the floor. This had to be ground smooth.
Garage Flooring Anderson Indiana Wow! Look how clean this garage floor looks now. This is a 3 coat polyaspartic garage floor with partial tech silver chip broadcast and anti-slip silica.

Old Garage Floor Gets New Life with Polyaspartic Coating

This garage is located in Anderson, a small city just northeast of Indianapolis, Indiana. A nice elderly lady had just purchased this home a few years ago. She was tired of pulling into the garage with an old nasty looking epoxy coating on it. She called Slide-Lok of Indianapolis to come take a look and provide a free estimate. She was so excited to get her garage floor coating installed she immediately scheduled the install.

This floor was in a very rough state prior to the flooring team's arrival. There were cracks all over, a failed and peeling epoxy coating, and two solid metal studs in the floor. The team set to work on grinding flat the metal studs. The metal studs had to be ground flat against the concrete to provide a smooth seamless look that the homeowner was looking for. The flooring crew then began to diamond grind the concrete to a profile similar to 60-80 grit sandpaper, which is needed to ensure flooring success and longevity. After the old epoxy was ground off and a fresh new porous concrete surface exposed the repair work was ready to begin. Repairs included filling 1 large crack and the 2 areas where the metal studs were located with a polyurethane crack filler. Once the crack repairs were made the floor was ready for a coating. The coating process involved 3 coats of our famous polyaspartic flooring system. The middle or second coat received a partial broadcast of tech silver chips. Finally, the top coat received a sprinkling of anti-slip silica to aid slip resistance by increasing the coefficient of friction of the floor.

Anti-slip additive is a fine granular silica additive that can be mixed into the top coat or broadcast over the top of the final coat. This silica protrudes from the floor helping to increase the coefficient of friction of the floor to aid in slip resistance. Anti-slip additive does not guarantee that the floor is 100% slip-resistant, it merely helps provide a little more traction. All local flooring contractors are responsible for making sure that their use of anti-slip additive in public places meets local building codes.

The homeowner was very happy with the finished result. As you can see above, it's a very beautiful garage floor. These kinds of garage flooring transformations are not uncommon. Your garage floor is just one day away from looking like this good.

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