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Commercial Kitchen Flooring Install Dublin, Ohio


Commercial Office Flooring This before and after shot is of the office space at Z Cucina in Dublin, Ohio.
Commercial Concrete Flooring Grinding concrete is the best method of flooring preparation today. Grinding concrete removes the top layer, dirt, grime and opens the concrete pores. This ensures that the floor coating will have excellent adhesion to the concrete.
Commercial Flooring Install Before This before photo shows the main kitchen prep area. The concrete was prepared with a diamond grinder and the cracks filled with a concrete crack repair product. This floor is ready for a coating!
Polyaspartic Commercial Floor Coating This after photo shows a 3 coat polyaspartic floor coating with tuxedo chips. This new commercial kitchen floor is ready for years of abuse!
Kitchen Bar concreete floor This is the before photo of the bar area at Z cucina in Dublin, Ohio. The concrete floor required concrete crack repair to fill the expansion joints. This area was also diamond grinded.
Commercial Bar FlooringThis is the first coating of the concrete bar floor. This area has yet to receive the tuxedo chips and a polyaspartic top coat.
Polyaspartic Commercial Kitchen FlooringThe after photo of the bar flooring area. This floor coating consists of 3 polyaspartic coats with a layer of tuxedo chips. Ready for years of bar staff abuse!

Brand New 3000 sq. ft. Commercial Kitchen Floor

Z Cucina Restaurant and Bar in Dublin, Ohio, just got a new commercial floor coating in their bar and kitchen areas! Coming in at just over 3,000 sq. ft. of commercial flooring, the kitchen and bar areas are ready for years of abuse. Featuring our polyaspartic concrete coating, which is 4x more abrasion resistant than epoxy, we know the owners of this establishment will be happy for years to come.

Our local Columbus, OH, flooring dealer Dave had this to say, "The floor was 3000 sq/ft of commercial kitchen and bar area. The coating was a 3 coat polyaspartic with Tech Silver as the color scheme. The flooring was completed over 3 days and on schedule completed July 14th, 2018. The first day of the job we went in and patched all of the saw cuts that were put in by the concrete contractor. The second day I contracted a commercial floor prep company to come in and grind the floor. On the third day I went in with my four man crew and we completed the application of the 3 coat polyaspartic with chips in under 8 hours. Overall, the job went very smoothly and we had no major problems to overcome. I am excited to add this commercial job to my portfolio!"

Looking at the beautiful before and after pictures Dave sent us really speaks volumes for the kind of work our dealers all over the US and Canada are capable of. This commercial flooring job is pretty typical of the kind of work our dealers do. From garage floor coatings to industrial coatings our products and dealers stand up to the challenge.

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