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DIY Garage Storage Cabinet Project in San Clemente, California


San Clemente Garage Cabinets Tony unfortunately didn't take any before photos. However, he claims his garage is much more organized with Slide-Lok Garage Cabinets. This was the easiest and one of the quickest home improvement projects he has ever completed.
DIY Garage Organization San Clemente, CA The left wall of Tony's garage features 3 large 34" deep pantry cabinets. Very easy to do it yourself and install in one afternoon.
San Clemente Garage Storage This middle or back wall of Tony's garage features another 3 large 24" deep cabinets. These cabinet sections offer a lot of storage space for everything from golf clubs to storage bins.
Garage Organization Improvement The right wall of Tony'ss garage features 1 large 24" deep garage cabinet next to a fridge and a work bench. Installing garage cabinets yourself is very easy to do and Tony can attest to that.

San Clemente DIY Garage Storage

California has become a very expensive place to live, especially when housing, food and transportation costs continue to rise. Home improvement projects can add a lot more use to your current home without the increased expenses to move into a larger house. Tony, like many socal residents suffers from a lack of usable storage space. Like Tony, many people turn to their local home improvement stores for ideas such as storage racks and pre-built cabinets.

The problem with many of the products at local home improvement stores is that they are often the cheapest and lowest quality products out there. For example, your local home improvement stores most likely sell particle board cabinets; great for inside the home but not in the garage where they will warp, age, and deteriorate very quickly. The big box stores even sell plastic storage racks, yes PLASTIC! Tony had plastic storage racks lining his garage walls and loaded to the max. Tony said "I'm sorry that I didn't get any before pictures, it was a real mess, the black plastic racks, filled to the max, all sagging and ready to fall apart."

Tony knew options at his local home improvement stores were not good enough for his storage needs. He said "I looked for about 6 months for cabinets, all the Home Improvement stores, cabinet shops, wholesale cabinet shops, but no one has what you guys have!" We offer a unique garage cabinet because it is made from plywood and features dovetail joints, this means our cabinets will be very durable for years of use and are very easy to assemble yourself.

Our cabinets are also modular, come in many different sizes so it's easy to mix and match to create your perfect garage storage wall. Tony said "My main objective was 24" deep cabinets, you would think that would be so simple to find, but no one makes them but you. I am pretty handy, and do a lot of home improvement projects, but your product was about the easiest thing I have ever done. A little wood glue, screw gun, and standard screw driver, that's it. Cabinets went together in about 10 minutes, super simple to level, screwed them into the studs, put the shelves in, they are Solid as a Rock!"

We receive praise from our customers on a weekly basis. Tony was no different saying "I still have a little way to go, but I want to share these photos (above) with you to let you know that you have helped me organize my garage in a way that I was starting to think wasn't possible! Thank you again - Tony"

There you have it, another satisfied customer. Tony's pictures show a work in progress, but nonetheless provide a good idea for how bad his garage must have been before installing our cabinets. We love hearing from our customers, even the do-it-yourselfers. If you have some basic tools you can put our garage cabinets together, they're really that easy.

If you're interested in the best DIY garage cabinets don't hesitate to contact us: Contact Us.

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