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I'll Be Eating Less Potato Chips, Look At All That Grease!


Potato Chips Are Full of Grease

BBQ potato chips left to sit out overnight drench paper towel in grease.

Can you believe this is what we are eating!?

One of our guys got busy and left his BBQ potato chips on a paper towel on his desk overnight. This is what that paper towel looked like the next morning. No doubt that's a TON of grease!

Contractors and concrete workers are famous for early starts, long, hard days, lots of physical exertion and little to no time for lunch. The next time you reach for a bag of potato chips, keep this picture in your mind. I know I’ll be eating a lot less chips in the future, and if you look at how much oil is in these chips, I’ll bet you’ll be eating less of them too.

Less potato chips, fried & greasy food for us

I may not be an M.D. (Doctor of Medicine), but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that potato chips are just plain bad for you. A quick Google search for "Greasy Potato Chips" returns over 2.3 Million search results. If you're interested in leading a healthier lifestyle ditch the potato chips and grab an apple. Below you'll find several studies, journals and research articles on consuming potato chips and their impacts on your health:

How Potato Chip Grease Affects You - Livestrong: Regular potato chip consumption can detrimentally affect your health resulting in weight gain, disease, and worsened cognitive capabilities.

The Potato Chip Study - Natural Medicine Journal: Study confirms that consuming certain foods leads to weight gain; eating potato chips lead to weight gain.

Chronic intake of potato chips in humans increases the production of reactive oxygen radicals by leukocytes and increases plasma C-reactive protein: a pilot study - The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition: Consumption of potato chips, fries and other fried, roasted or baked foods containing acrylamide are linked to increased inflammation and risk facter in atherosclerosis (disease of the arteries).

Potato intake and incidence of hypertension: results from three prospective US cohort studies - The BMJ: 95% confidence interval that consuming 4 or more servings a week of baked, boiled, mashed or fried potatos results in increased risk for hypertension. Replacing just one serving a day of baked, boiled or mashed potatos with one serving of a non-starchy vegetable suggests decreased risk of hypertension.

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About The Author

About the author

Brian Strayer is an engineer, lawyer, and business leader. Brian’s past adventures include many years advising the top leaders of a NYSE listed multi-national on a wide variety of matters, from intellectual property to M&A, including serving as head of the legal department, before transitioning into running industrial operations. Today, Brian uses his science, engineering and law background to solve practical problems standing in the way of reducing expenses and growing sales. When not working, Brian enjoys sailing, playing chess, fishing and hunting.

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