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Garage Renovation in Los Gatos, California


Garage makeover Los Gatos CA Before and After side by side of this garage renovation project in Los Gatos, California.
Bare stud wall garage This is what the garage looked like before the renovation. The garage was bare naked, open faced studs with no dry wall or insulation.
Garage renovation los gatos california The construction site for this renovation project in Los Gatos, California.
Garage Cabinet Delivery Materials being delivered to the job site. Garage Cabinets, dry wall, flooring chemicals, countertops, and more.
Garage floor repair Notice the various paint stains in the concrete? These stains, oils, and other debris need to be removed from the garage floor before coating. Diamond grinding can remove these stains revealing a fresh layer of concrete.
Garage floor coating prep diamond grinding Proper garage floor preparation involves diamond grinding. This removes the top most layer of concrete allowing our garage floor coatings to penetrate the concrete pores for excellent adhesion.
Decorative garage floor coatings The first polyaspartic coat is gray, which makes for a great primer coat. The mid coat will receive chips next. Then, a final top coat will be applied to provide longevity to the floor.
Garage Floor Coating Chips This floor received our tech red chip blend. The floor was taped to create a solid line for the gray base coat to be outside and the chips inside per the owners request.
caution wet paint Caution Wet Paint! This red fleck flooring really pops, we love this color combo. Note the clean edge so the red flecks don't show when the garage door is closed.
Garage Makeover The completed look of this garage renovation. Featuring a red tech polyaspartic garage floor with silver and black garage storage cabinets with a custom solid wood workbench!
Garage Floor Coatings Los Gatos CA The red tech garage floor coating is hard to photograph, it also has glitter in the flecks. It really makes this floor sparkle at night.
Garage Storage Cabinets 48" wide x 24" deep x 8 feet tall garage storage cabinets.
Garage Workbench This custom solid natural cherry finger groove countertop workbench was crafted by Omega Workbench. The top is 8 feet long x 30" deep x 2 1/4" thick.
TV in the garage A TV in the garage is a must today, work on your projects and stay tuned in to the game! Surrounded by slatwall this is one useful setup.
garage cabinets Left: add as many shelves as you like to these pantry cabinets. Right: Two pantry cabinets that are 48" wide x 72" tall and 16" deep.

Complete Garage Renovation in Los Gatos, California

Check out this garage renovation in Los Gatos, CA. The before and after photos take you on a journey from the construction mess, stud walled garage to a finished garage. You can slide the above photos right and left to navigate the entire garage renovation project.

This home in Los Gatos, California, was renovated top to bottom, even including the garage! The garage renovation was completed by our local Bay Area Slide-Lok dealer. The local dealer said, "this was a top to bottom renovation, the garage was a total disaster when we arrived. The floor had paint stains all over it and the walls weren't finished. Dry wall, paint, wiring, lighting, and insulation all needed to be installed in this garage. We had a lot of work to do, so we got to work right away. Taking this beyond a basic finished garage we installed a decorative garage floor coating, storage cabinets, slatwall, a workbench, and even a wall mounted TV."

Garage renovations are usually a little more intense than a regular garage makeover. This job really highlights the lengths that our locals dealers go through to make sure you get your dream garage.

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