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Georgetown, Delaware Concrete Patio Floor Repair


Concrete Floor Coatings and Repair This before and after photo of one side of this Georgetown, Delaware patio really shows the difference concrete crack filler and polyaspartic can make.
Polyaspartic Floor Coatings The other side of this Georgetown patio shows how this concrete was revitalized and given an extended life for the homeowner.
Polyaspartic Porch Coating While we were here we fixed the front porch of this Georgetown house as well. We filled the cracks using crack filler and coated the concrete with Polyaspartic.

Save thousands by repairing and coating your concrete floors

This particular customer located in Georgetown, Delaware, heard about Slide-Lok on a radio ad, and decided to call us, figuring we really couldn't help him. He was getting ready to bust up, and remove the old, damaged, cracked concrete, resigning himself to the fact he had to re-pour new sidewalks & concrete pads. The concrete was old, stained, and had some major cracks. We filled the cracks, used the diamond bit grinder to smooth everything, removing the stain build-up, and coated not only his sidewalks, and concrete pads, but also his front porch in Polyaspartic with Tuxedo vinyl chips, making everything new again. After we completed the job, he actually called the radio station just to comment on how their sponsor saved him thousands of dollars.

If you have damaged, old, or new concrete and want to coat it, revitalize it and save thousands don't hesitate to contact us: Contact Us.

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