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How To Professionally Organize Your Garage


how to organize your garage

Over time, many of us accumulate too much “stuff”. At some point, all this stuff ends up migrating to your garage and your garage might have become “the place” where your clutter and junk is stashed. As a result, your garage may be so cluttered, that it no longer functions as a garage, or as a storage place, and now feels awkward to even enter. If this sounds like your garage here are a few professional tips to help organize your garage like a pro and reclaim your prized space.

Step 1: Declutter The Garage

Decluttering the garage is a polite way of saying “get rid of the junk” you no longer use, no longer want and which has accumulated over time. A common mistake when sorting through all this “stuff” is placing items in a “no-man’s zone”, not wanting to decide if you should keep it or toss it. Make a decision on what you plan to keep, recycle, donate, or throw out and stick to it! No need in hoarding in junk, if you can't be straight about this you might as well give up now.

Step 2: Plan Garage Areas or Zones

After you have tossed the stuff you no longer need or use, had a garage sale or a trip to goodwill to recycle or repurpose all your old stuff you’ll find a surprising amount of newly found space within the garage. And now is the time to identify zones or areas within your garage for storing the stuff you will be keeping.

Below are some of the possible zones that should be considered when organizing your garage.

  • Car Parking Zone
  • Garage Workshop or Work Area
  • Storage Areas
  • Hobby Zones
  • Sports Storage Area
  • Holiday Decorations Storage Area
  • Family "heirlooms" you aren't currently using (i.e. old pictures or scrap books)

Step 3: Organize Items You're Keeping in Your Garage

This step is to organize all your items that you plan to keep in the garage according to the designated zones in step 2 above.

  • Tools, nuts, bolts, screws and other hardware all in one place.
  • Sports equipment in one place.
  • Lawn and garden supplies and tools in one place.
  • Seasonal furniture and items like christmas lights and wreaths in boxes or bins, moving boxes and holiday decorations and pool equipment in one place.
  • etc...

Also, consider the best storage method for small items. Should they be in small containers, rather than storing them loose?

On the other hand, also consider those large items such as bikes, and large awkward lawn equipment that won't fit in a storage container and so, those kinds of items should be individually dealt with.

Step 4: Consider Adding Garage Storage Solutions

Garages do not usually have a lot of free floor space. So instead of jam-packing your garage full of your stuff why not consider adding different storage and organizational systems. Putting your items in storage cabinets up, shelving, or overhead racks will help keep the floor space of the garage open so that parking your cars will be easy. Garage cabinets also make accessing the items you want regularly easily accessible. Thinking outside the box when considering the best method of garage storage is advised. Try using some our storage ideas listed below to help sort out your lack of garage storage space:

Step 5: Labeling Garage Storage

The last step in this guide is to label all boxes or containers of stuff in the garage for easy access. Label all four sides of each box and container, and the top as well. In addition, numbering containers and boxes after labeling is also a good idea, create and fill out a Garage Inventory List form for this procedure. Making use of this form allows quick and better remembering of the contents in the container or box and referencing the list also will help to find whatever is needed easily. Labeling shelves, cabinets and even areas of wall space in the garage is also advisable. If you are good with your computer, using an Excel spreadsheet to record this information will make it easily searchable weeks, months or years later, when you are looking for that item you are positive you kept and stored in the garage, but just can’t remember exactly where. Plus, it will help everyone in the family to know where to return every item after use, and by doing this the organizational system of your garage will always be maintained going forward.

Happy Organizing!

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About the author

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