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Before Garage Home Improvement

This is the Before shot of a local garage Slide-Lok had the opportunity to upgrade. The homeowners were in desperate need of some of garage organization help...

The garage, a long forgotten place to park the car and store and hide away your winter and summer stuff in the off season, has become the last, most recent frontier and hot trend in home improvements. Homeowners seeking to add long term value to their homes are discovering that spending a few dollars and a day or two to add a decorative concrete garage floor coating and some storage products will dramatically help them clean up and organize their garage and pay back big dividends.

There is a common saying in college athletics, that their sports teams are the “front porch” of the university. These teams are often the most visible aspects and most often seen components of a university. This reality helps explain why so many universities devote so much time and attention to their sports teams, as they are investing in the overall value of their university and brand and are aware that these are what people see most often.

In the real estate world, real estate agents, home buyers and sellers have long talked about “curb appeal” – that hard to define, but instantly recognizable sense when you first see a property as to whether it appeals to you as a place you would want to buy and or live. Homeowners seeking to add value to their homes are best served by doing home improvement projects that help add to that curb appeal factor.

We have all seen our neighbors’ garage, with their garage door left open, and most of us can’t resist the temptation and take a quick peek. We quickly conclude whether our neighbor is messy or whether they are organized based on what we see, and we likely also quickly form opinions as to how the rest of their home has been kept and whether it also looks messy, or nice, and hence whether they have kept up the value of their home and improved it, or let it go to waste. When a potential buyer walks thru a home, nothing creates the right impression more quickly than that buyer driving or walking up the driveway, with the garage door open, and looking into an organized, clean, attractive garage with garage storage cabinets and a clean, shiny, decorative garage floor coating in a color pattern that accents and highlights the home’s colors.

When the garage door opens at your house, what does it tell your neighbors, and those passing by? Does it tell your neighbors and a possible buyer that you take care of your home and treat it as a valuable asset? Or does it tell them you treat your home like a dump?

One of the fastest, easiest, and most economical ways to improve the look and curb appeal value of your home is to clean up your garage. Nothing adds more curb appeal to your home than when your garage door is open, and people see a clean, shiny, inviting and attractive garage floor and garage storage cabinets lining the walls.

Garage enhancement projects are typically FAST - most 2 and 3 car garages can have their floor coated and finished in only one day. And the cabinets, overhead storage racks and slatwall installed on day 2 or 3. And you’re done, making the garage enhancement project one of the quickest and most convenient ways to vastly improve the looks and appeal of one of the largest spaces in your home.

Create a nice, organized space to hide away your boxes of your Halloween, Christmas and Easter holiday decorations, tools, and off-season and hobby items needing to be stored out of the way and out of sight. Homeowners, house flippers, investors looking to buy and resale or rent out foreclosures, or those wanting a quick means to add curb appeal can benefit from considering the garage as a area that can be easily, quickly and cost effectively improved.

Now, do you remember that first photo up above? You know, the one with the disorganized and messy looking garage? Yeah, it honestly looks like how so many thousands of people's garages look. Now take a look at the after photo below, this ONLY took 3 days to accomplish!

Complete Garage Makeover

This is the After photo of that same messy garage you saw above. Hard to believe the transformation isn't it!? It only took our Phoenix, Arizona team 3 days to accomplish this garage transformation.

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