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Another year down and many more great ones to come! Many of us return to work today with new year's resolutions in mind. Some are noble, some not, some have already failed but will try again, and some have yet to think of anything worthwhile. And the majority of us are probably aware of the cliché 1 week of workout resolutions that seem to fail before they even begin, yes the memes are already circulating and they're true as ever! So, we thought to ourselves "why aren't there more people with resolutions to improve their homes?"

Garage Cabinet Deals

Home Improvement New Year's Resolutions

To help you get started with some Home Improvement New Year's resolutions we thought we'd offer a deal on select garage cabinet systems to kick off the year! Through February 28, 2018 we are discounting select garage cabinet systems, to see the specials you can click the image above or right here. There hasn't been a better time to kick off your New Years than saving your hard earned money while improving your home, adding storage space and decluttering your garage!

Home Improvement Ideas For The New Year

And just in case you needed more ideas we thought we'd brainstorm a quick list of easy home improvement projects you can tackle in the beginning of the year!

Smart Thermostat

I've been contemplating getting one of these for a while and will probably take the plunge this year. The technology has been around for a few years now and seems to have advanced to the point major brands are jumping on board and prices are coming down into the $100 range! This quick home improvement project only takes a few minutes to do if you know how to swap out the panels and thermostat yourself, you can even learn how on YouTube. Smart thermostats are nice because of their programmable and bluetooth/wireless features allowing you to change the temperature on the go or set your thermostat to fluctuate with your schedule. Don't forget about the possible energy savings if the area you live in has varying power consumption rates such as here in Phoenix, AZ where our peak rate between 3-6PM can more than double in the summer time! This will easily pay for itself within a year or two in my own home, mostly because we forget to up our AC when we leave for a few hours everyday.

Smart Lighting

Just like it sounds, smart lighting is SMART! Similar to smart thermostats smart lights have tech built into them to change colors or auto sense motion when people are in the room and turn on or off when you leave. This can also be fun to set the mood in the room or for energy savings if you're constantly forgetting to turn off your lights when you leave. And if you like to take vacations frequently you can even program the lights to turn on and off to make it appear as if you're still home, deterring those pesky burglars! These are also easy to install since most are self-contained light bulbs and just plug in to the existing light socket.

Smart Doorbells

If you're thinking there seems to be a theme here then you are correct! I am a tech junkie and I love all these smart home ideas and so I had to throw this one in the mix too. Smart doorbells are now also a thing, with built in video cameras and even two way video chat. It really all just depends on how much you're willing to spend and what features you absolutely must have. You can view who's at your door, who stopped by when you weren't home, and catch those pesky kids that keep ding dong ditching you! And if you're at all handy with basic tools and have access to YouTube then you'll definitely be able to install this yourself too.

These smart home improvement projects are all pretty quick and easy to accomplish for even the most challenged novice home improvement junkies out there. We can't think of any better way to start the year off than by making life a little easier, perhaps a bit more fun and with a small sense of accomplishment with these upgrades to your home. And if these are too easy and you're looking for more of a challenge don't forget that our cabinets are also DIY friendly, so call or email today to take advantage of our cabinet system specials before they're gone, quantities are limited.

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