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Garage Renovation & Graduation Party in Wyoming, Michigan


Garage Renovation This Wyoming, Michigan, garage renovation turned out amazing. Just in time for the homeowners' kid's High School graduation party. The built in countertop bar will be very useful!
Garage Improvement From the other angle this Michigan garage looks just as good. The cabinets, countertop bar, and pantry will provide a lifetime of use for the homeowners.
Garage Storage Michigan The 8 feet of garage storage cabinets, countertop bar, and 2 sections of slatwall provide plenty of storage space. The slatwall will be used for yard and garden tools!
Garage Floor Coating This Michigan homeowner wanted a unique garage floor coating. We made a custom color matched pigment and custom blended chip blend for them, look at how great this floor looks!
garage floor coating preparation Look at how bad this garage floor concrete pad looked before we got to it! We grind the concrete with diamond bit grinders to prepare the garage floor for polyaspartic coatings.
Salt damaged michigan garage floor Look at how badly salt pitted this Michigan garage floor was! We can fix salt damage by grinding the concrete, filling the holes, cracks, and gaps and coating the concrete floor.

The Garage is Perfect for Graduation Parties!

This particular customer located in Wyoming, Michigan, heard about our West Michigan Slide-Lok dealer through a referral from a friend. Slide-Lok dealers do such great work that they continually get repeat work and referrals from their customers.

Tom, the local west michigan dealer told us "This was your typical Michigan garage. You know, the garage was unfinished with stud walls. The concrete looked like it had years of abuse from the harsh winters, especially given the huge cracks and amount of salt pitting that was on the surface of the concrete. It's nothing we hadn't seen before. What set this job apart is that after getting to know our customer a bit more we discovered this customer's son was graduating from High School this year and we knew we had to get this right for them to throw a great party in. Here in Michigan a lot of people have graduation parties in their garage because it's a sure thing when the weather is unpredictable. The garage has plenty of space to accomodate the family in celebrating a graduation with friends and family. And we provided the perfect venue for this. We finished the garage late May and the graduation party occured in June, it was a blast!"

So there you have it. The garage started out life as your typical Michigan garage. This was a bare, boring, unfinished stud walled garage. There was no drywall or any finishing in the garage at all. Our local dealer went in, drywalled and wired all the walls in the garage. Then they prepped the concrete floor by diamond grinding the concrete to remove the top layer of concrete that was stained with years of abuse from oil dripping cars and the salted winter roads. Then the concrete garage floor was repaired, filling in all the cracks and pitting with a polyurethane crack repair product. Then the dealer coated the garage floor with a custom color chip blend. The custom garage floor coating turned out great, and their choice of polyaspartic made for a fast 1 day garage floor install with excellent chemical resistance for years to come. And that's not all. Over 8 feet of garage cabinets were installed along the back wall of this garage. The natural maple garage cabinets were chosen to accentuate their chosen wall and flooring color choices. Along with the added garage storage cabinets perfect for their son's sporting equipment, a custom countertop bar was crafted with a pantry cabinet creating the perfect workbench or bar environment in the garage! And last but not least, 2 sections of slatwall storage was installed on the right wall to add extra storage for yard and garden equipment.

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If you'd like your finished garage to look this good don't hesitate to contact us: Contact Us.

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