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It's Officially Official, Jacob Strayer Studying PhD at The Ohio State University


Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis (CEMAS)


It's About As Official As It Gets

I’ve previously posted that my second oldest boy, Jacob, who finished his bachelors in Chemical Engineering at Arizona State University in May 2019 would be going back east to pursue his PhD at The Ohio State University. Jacob has been back in Ohio now for about a month and he’s already up on Ohio State’s website for having joined The Ohio State University Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis (CEMAS), as a graduate research associate.

We Love Science and Engineering

Jacob joins his older brother Samuel, as an alum of ASU’s science and engineering programs. Samuel received his bachelor’s in biochemistry a year prior. And as an alumni of The Ohio State University, it couldn’t make me more proud to see one of my boys matriculate to my alma mater. I will also have to give kudos and credit to ASU for the very fine education and world class engineering school they have developed here in Arizona.

As I like to tell my kids, and anyone who will listen, I think there is no more noble profession than science and engineering. These fields have the very real potential to change the lives of people all over the world for the better. Selfishly, as a father, it is very good to see my two oldest boys join their father and grandfather, in science and engineering, knowing that they should have access to and be a part of intellectually enriching, challenging and financially rewarding opportunities throughout the remainder of their lives.

I've always been passionate about science and engineering, the new age term for this is STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). I'm so proud that my two oldest boys are within the STEM field. STEM is the future, it will revolutionize and drive innovation in every industry across the globe. Just as Uber has changed the Taxi and ride hailing industry, be prepared for the day new technology and innovations come to our industry. In particular, 3D Concrete Printing and AI (artificial intelligence) house building robots are coming, read about that in my recent post on NASA at the World of Concrete.

GO BUCKS! And Go Sun Devils!

About The Author

About the author

Brian Strayer is an engineer, lawyer, and business leader. Brian’s past adventures include many years advising the top leaders of a NYSE listed multi-national on a wide variety of matters, from intellectual property to M&A, including serving as head of the legal department, before transitioning into running industrial operations. Today, Brian uses his science, engineering and law background to solve practical problems standing in the way of reducing expenses and growing sales. When not working, Brian enjoys sailing, playing chess, fishing and hunting.

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